maandag 15 april 2013

RTL2832U Based Wide Band FM receiver using GNU RADIO

Hi Folks !

I successfully managed to get a wide band FM receiver up and running using the Hama Nano RTL2832U based DVB-T receiver. The complete system was tested on a virtual LUBUNTU system running inside VirtualBox (running on top of a Windows 7 host system)

There are many examples of working widenband FM receivers using USRP.  But I was never able to find a working example of a flowchart using the RTL2832U chipset. 

At first I experienced some issues using the RTL2832U Source Block. Whatever I configured inside GRC, the output remained very distorted. But eventually I managed to get clear audio.

Below, you can find a working flow chart (correction => sample rate must be set to 2.4 msps):

After changing the RTL2832U source block with the OsmoSDR  source block, the annoying distortions disappeared.  It seems there is something wrong with the RTL2832U source block (?)

The quality of the audio is very satisfactory (for mono reception, not considering high frequency noise).  Check the sample below:

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